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Default Re: Venue 3 & Profile Mix Rack

Originally Posted by BadAudioGuy View Post
Just trying to understand where the additional 16chs are coming from...
Different workflows often use multiple processing channels for a single input from the stage. This involves double patching inputs.

One example of this would be when the desk is used for monitors and FOH simultaneously. This allows you to process an input differently for different uses.

Another example is for a center vocal in monitor world. There could be one channel that is driving wedges and another to drive IEM.

Sometimes a center vocalist wants to hear a vocal one way in their ears and the band needs something more compressed that keeps it loud enough for them to hear the quiet parts, but not blow them away during the loud parts. Patching the same input to multiple processing channels is often an ideal way of accomplishing this.

There are other times when you might want to have a clean and a dirty of the same input. For instance you could patch the DI input of a Bass guitar to two different channels. One might be fairly clean and transparent while the other has an amp modeling plugin on it. Mixing the two together creates a different sound.

More processing channels allow for more flexibility in accomplishing the tasks at hand.
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