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Default Re: Control 24 Dark scribble displays

Originally Posted by Firechild View Post
Does anyone know where to find the right socket to tighten?
I removed the backplate where the power switch is but everything seems fine there.
Is it easy to move the larger backplate where all the audio inputs are ?
Almost certainly flaky molex connectors from the supply board to the display boards. I got rid of my Control 24 years ago, but towards the end I used to have to disassemble it every 6 months or so and clean all the molex connectors on the supply board with cramolin or the scribble strips would start disappearing. It's no fun getting inside there; LOTS of screws to take of the bottom and the thing is bulky and heavy as you may have noticed. If you don't know what you're doing you should probably leave it to a pro.


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