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Default Re: Upgrading to Windows XP

For WinXP you will need to upgrade to PTLE 5.3 on the download page for free. 5.1 does not work. You can set up a dual boot system that allows you to boot from either WinME or WinXP. That way you can still use 5.1 on one partition and 5.3 on the other. Personally I would just migrate to WinXP and 5.3.
DirectConnect is great if we had other companies that supported it but so far a no go for the PC. ASIO driver is working well now that allows you to use the 001 hardware with software like Cubase SX, Nuendo, Sonar. Midi support is still weak and should get a shot in the butt with PTLE 6.0. Plugin support is all here for WinXP with free upgrades so far from Waves, Bombfactory etc..
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