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Default Re: Hardware firmware support plan?

Originally Posted by jasonthurley View Post
My apology if it was annoying... and I understand all the "what if" freak out moments everyone is having...

My point is this... If you have an existing system and its working to your liking there is no reason you NEED to have a hardware support plan.

Thats all I was saying, in an admittedly obnoxious way to some Im sure..... but its crazy for people to think this means they cant get work done or something is going to go wrong if they dont "jump on the Avid support wagon"

You dont need it unless you want it... What is so wrong for a company to ask you to pay for an upgrade but to include that in an annual plan that cost this much? I do it with almost every piece of software I own. I am using Maya 2014, if I want the features 15 has I pay for the upgrage.
I wasn't offended, I was trying to make my position clear. I'm not freaking out, I'm pissed. What AVID wants from me is the upgrade price AND an agreement to pay them $600 a year so I can maintain eligibility for any future upgrades. They also have not advised on an option for HD owners to buy back in if their support plan lapses, and you can't buy HD software without purchasing hardware. They may change that, but they are expecting us HARDWARE owners to be patient until they're good and ready to give us that information. Also, that $600 a year doesn't include my surface and my transport, and they haven't announced how many pounds of flesh they want in addition to the $600 a year for the interface.

And yes, Eucon is buggy as crap and upgrades are few and far between, and yes, I've had problems I've had to send my Mix back for twice.

I was just about to purchase a Control and another way that's going to happen now.
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