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Default Can I make the 003 and Aggregate device or..

I'm running osx 10.5.8
I have a 003 rack
I purchased Mixbuss and it runs with JACKpilot
Using the 003 doesn't allow others from playing with it at times.
I've run into this with sunflower and had to pass on something.

I was able to create an aggregate device and use the internal i/o to get audio to computer monitors.

I would love to get it to my studio monitors.

Short of a fix......maybe someone knows about how to use jackpilot on a mac with a 003 rack interface...

I'm thinking of picking up another "interface" that has spidf for speakers and firewire for interconnection to mac pro.......

Doesn't need any ins and outs (I can record using the 003).... something to swap between the 003 and it when I want to bring up mixbuss.
Also running Logic and I guess except for running PT or recording, I can put the 003 to the side..

Any thoughts on getting jackpilot to work with 003 digicoreaudio....???
Or suggestions for an interface???

Thanks all
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