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Default Noise burst when i stop recording.

I do not hear it when i stop recording but its a spike at the very end of the audio region you hear it super loud when you play it back. I thought it may have been a rme driver cause i updated but i went back to the original and still have the problem. I also tried updating protools from 9.0 to 9.0.2 with no luck.

The only other thing i have change is racking all my gear up on my desk. I do not have a ground and i'm wondering if maybe that not having a ground and all my gear is touching one another and that could have something to do with it? Also i have added some new plugins i purchased, they are all up to date though as they are brand new. I need to try and move the plugins folder and try protools with no plugins tomorrow.

Also the guitarist have got shocked a few times since i moved my gear on to my desk, which never happened before. Before i had a rack case that was on the floor and 90% of my gear was racked there.

Is there any other people who have had a similar problem with protools 9? I ask because i have had some similar problems with noise issues and protools in the past and it was protools software one time and then a 002 driver the second time. I was forced to sell my 002 cause Avid had no idea when they could fix the driver issue.

Any help would be great before i pull my hair out!!

I'm using protools 9, Pc i7, and Rme Raydat.
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