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Default Re: OSX compatibility: 10.4.11, 10.5, 10.51

10.5.1.... Anyway... YeeHaw!!... ProTools 7.4 working flawlessly with G4 Dual MDD and OSX 10.5.1 ... Playback, recording, Plu-ins working fine. Although it cost about 80 clams for the upgrade, I am finally up and running again as an enthusiast on this system (I don't record for a living), but its as close to me as my skin. Using a Digi 002 rack. I took the risk and was an early adopter of Leopard which killed Pro Tools 7.2/3x compatibility and core audio, but it has been resurrected. Although I have 10.4 on other hard drieves, this is the bomb. I know its not "qualified" but how many qualified humans are running a life out there. Try at your own risk. Its working great so far, no issues, no freezes during playback or recording sessions. Tracks so far are under 8 minutes with about 18 track max so far including a good deal of plug-ins. Peace Out and Good Luck!

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