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Default How to do I install SPACE IRs

I've only installed once previously but this is what I did FWIW (including some 3P IRs):


* Installed new version 11 of Space - includes a few IRs in most of the numbered categories
* Downloaded additional IRs from Avid site (TLS files) + imported these individually into Space
* Checked/found the extracted WAVs for additional IRs in the Space folder (together with the bundled ones) ... so deleted the downloaded TLS files - tested and everything worked fine


* Located 3P IRs in the Trillium Lane folder - copied these to the desktop (wrongly) assuming that Space would also extract these files to its new folders, so then deleted the 'desktop copy' ... tested and Space was missing these files
* Removed the 3P libraries from Space and subsequently re-imported from the original folders * ... and this worked fine

(* actually took the opportunity to rename/tidy some of the original folders before re-importing, in the knowledge that this will probably break functionality with the old TL Space and PT10, which I now expect to uninstall)

Hope this helps, not just with installation but to understand what is going where (on a Mac) - apologies for not including file paths, etc. but writing this on my iPad.

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