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Default Re: Increase in PT performance going from 32GB RAM to 64?

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
No worries. I'm fairly sure the speed is 4x PCIe 2.0 but if you can help me I haven't found a definite answer what is the largest stick you can put in this box. Currently have 2TB working nicely but was wondering if I could later on swap to larger capacity -- because in real world the speed difference between less than a gig or a full gig or slightly more than a gig is close to zero, only thing that is really interesting would be capacity
Oh sure, and I would stuff storage inside just to avoid extra external connections.

I would pay attention to any trash cans that have the smaller 256GB? SSDs that are only 2 x PCIe 2 lanes not 4 x PCIe 2 lanes. Upgrading to get a bit more capacity *and* performance is a good thing.

The largest replacement SSDs I have noticed for the trash can is 4TB. Including one that OWC used to sell but is no longer available, their replacement generation goes up to 2TB

A good source of info is

It’s embarrassing how bad Apple did with the trash can design. Hanging the SSD off the Intel IO Hub so it is only PCIe 2. Only having one internal SSD slot, closed expansion, weak GPUs, only Thunderbolt cannot use drives like the Samsung X5 or Sonnet Fusion Thunderbolt 3.

With Mojave especially it’s now extra embarrassing that folks can stuff multiple M.2 NVMe SSDs on PCIe slot adapter cards into a Cheesegrate. Yes they are all PCIe 2 as well. But you get multiple cards at 4 x PCIe 2, if slots are free...
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