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Default Re: MIDI still burst in Logic 4.5!

If you have a MIDI interface you shouldn't need to even cable MIDI to the 001, which should solve the problem. Is the MidiSport an interface? Search the DUC for the threads...I think it may have to do with how you handle the 001 in Logic's environment. I never even let Logic know I had an 001 within the environment, I only changed drivers. I use a MOTU Timepiece II and have never had a MIDI problem with Logic/001, so there is hope.

Also, the Unitor/Logic combination is technically the tightest MIDI combination available due to active MIDI transfer. Check it out at

If you are using 5 year old software you might be surprised at how much better Logic is by now. Using software that old is a little like using a typewriter to access the internet. Version 3.5 from just 2 years ago is a dinosaur by comparison to v4.x. You owe it to yourself to scrape up the $200 for v4.5. The plug-ins alone are worth it. Good luck.
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