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Default MIDI still burst in Logic 4.5!

Dear coleagues,

i'm using Mac with Digidesign hardware and Emagic software from 1995 with no any real problem, but now i'm really losing my sanity trying to solve the MIDI hanging notes and burst of the LAM/001 combo.

I don't know what to do just now. I got five months ago a G4/400 AGP and haven't got a moment of pleasure due to the midi problems.

I have problems trying to access with the built in MIDI interface and with the MIDISPORT 2X2 too. So problems persist using OMS.

I've found a better MIDI performance when no any recording or playing audio tracks are running. But the most important bursts happen when i try to access VST instruments. I don't get no more than two or three minutes without a terrible burst working with LM•4 or Pro5. All the MIDI mess i got is when MIDI-in is working.

So for what do i have to wait at this point?
a) A new MacOS with better usb support, among other things? or
b) a new DigiSystem INIT? or
c) a new Logic Audio Version?

Thanks in advance for any response.

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