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Default Re: new Mac Pro, Pro Tools 9 and 002r

Well that sounds far more promising. The concern from the rep as he described it was the "bottleneck" of the 002r's 400 Firewire port. According to him, the speed of data transfer limited the ability of the 002r to make full use of a new computer's capabilities, limiting track count and number of plug-ins on those tracks. He said the FW400 bottle neck for whatever Pro Tools version is the throughput which prompts the "remove tracks and plugins" dialog box. Apparently, the 400 megabits FW capability of the 002r pales in comparison to the HD native and consequently it was suggested to consider a PCIe system.

I am not that up to speed with the technical limitations of Firewire but would be very happy if I could significantly increase track count and plug-in use with my 002r. By the way, your computer is bang on for what the rep recommended in terms of memory and number of cores.

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