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Default Re: new Mac Pro, Pro Tools 9 and 002r

That's an odd thing to say as the firewire bus should have zero effect on how plugins run(or how many you can run). Plugins are handled by the cpu(unless you have a TDM system or something like a UAD card setup). There is really no difference in performance with the 002 and any other firewire interface (excepting for the BLA mods making it sound better than some). A new 8 core Mac and PT9 should rock your world and the old 002 can take the ride with you. FWIW, my local Avid genius recommends 6-8GB of RAM, no more, no less. He said that amount will net the best performance overall, and any more RAM will not help(and might actually hurt a little). He sells plenty of systems, so I trust his opinions. Mac Pro 8 core, 8GB of RAM, 3 SATA drives and shoot for the moon!
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