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Default Re: Speaker for custom Sub-Kick

Originally Posted by Matt Hepworth View Post

Awesome, thanks.

I guess my question, would I assume the 8-ohm rating on the speaker I plan to use would apply when using it as a microphone? The example for the 20db pad says this:

We need a microphone pad to attenuate the output of a high-output microphone that is close-miking a loud instrument. The microphone is a 150-ohm device, and the preamp presents a 1500-ohm load. We want to lose 20 dB in the pad.
Would it be safe to assume I can build my pad in the same way they did? Or will I attenuate way too much/not enough?

Maybe I should just buy one - but I thought it would be fun to try building my own. Maybe even making a 10/20 db pad with a switch.

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