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Originally Posted by FunkzzaJ View Post
Hi all Falconeers !

Anyone seen Avid-Falcon 2 in your account yet?

I'm considering buying before the intro-offering from UVI ends on oct 27, unless is shows up before that. This whole 'Avid-Falcon2' thing seems a bit vague - no announcements, no noise, no marketing... (what am I missing?)
Is it really going to happen?

I'm on perpetual licence with support+upgrade. No falcon2 deposit on my account as of yet.

Not in my account and if it was in anyone's account I think we would have seen it here.

I don't think it's going to happen given the conflicting info people have gotten from Avid. At least not before the sale ends on the 27th. I didn't want to take the chance on not getting F2 and it rarely goes on sale even when UVI discounts their other s/w. This price is as low as I've ever seen Falcon discounted.

UVI is the only developer that I know of that doesn't have some form of demo for Falcon.
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