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Default Re: 003 Main Volume Pot

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
The pot is probably available(if you can figure out the value and taper) from Digikey. Having said that, you might also be able to get the part from an Avid-approved service shop(like based in Nashville, TN).

Another option is to not use the knob on the 003 and add a monitor/source selector to your setup. I've been using a Presonus Central Station for years and can't imagine not having all that functionality. The Central Station does have a small issue(design flaw?) in that whenever you turn the volume down to the bottom 20%, the image shifts off the the right(verified on at least 5 of them in 3 studios), but it happens at a volume that nobody would be paying attention to. Tops on my shopping list right now(as a replacement) is the Audient Nero($499).

No doubt you are wondering if another piece of hardware is worth the money, so here's why I can't live without it(BTW, I also am running a 003R)
#1-I can switch between Pro Tools audio(on RCA SPDIF), computer audio(on lightpipe SPDIF), computer 2 audio(second PC for non-audio stuff), iPhone(via mini TRS cable hanging out of the rack) and a second set of outputs from PT(long story, but something I need).
#2-I can switch between 2 sets of speakers, with or without a subwoofer. Food for thought
I also was looking at the Nero....
I have a Steinberg UR824 that I use when messing around in Cubase and the Nero would be great for using both with the same set of monitors.
It would also solve the problem of my sub par headphone amp in the UR
Excellent advice....Thanks
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