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Default Re: Import scene boundaries from MC

Originally Posted by belasoul View Post
Ok. Too bad that the 'Video Dummy AAF Import' seems unstable.
At least this time it worked great for me (25 min Feature), all the Video Clips sit where they should. Very useful, especially for spotting BG's and general navigation. :)
Yes, it's possibly workflow related. Nested clips etc. so if it's a rather small project with straight forward cuts it could still work. The ironic thing is that other applications can read these video tracks from the same AAF file just fine so it's ProTools specific.

I still prefer the Ediload scene change method as you can search for scene descriptions / locations not just abstract slate numbers but the AAF is obviously less work to get into PT.

I do use Video Universe a lot by chopping the QT track up with the scene changes so I can visually find scenes in the command-7 window.

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