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Default Re: 2019 iMac i9 + PT 2018 + Mojave

Re RAM, everyone you are for sure correct, 8GB is not ideal but Apple charges ridiculous amounts of money to buy it configured with more. I'm intending to upgrade myself once the budget recovers a bit.

(Interestingly enough, can verify that the built-in output only supports Fs up to 48kHz... unlike my dinosaur 2010 MBP which can go up to 96k, though I suppose I will never be taking my 27" iMac to a coffee shop for editing.... would have been helpful for troubleshooting though.)

I am running 10.14.4 which is the latest version of Mojave; it's what came installed on the machine. I'm not quite a week in so can't give a comprehensive assessment of fan noise, but I have not noticed any obvious issues with it yet.

AlexLakis, glad to hear you are running Mojave without issues. I tried a different brand TB3-2 adapter yesterday and still had the problem, so I can confirm that the Apple adapter was not the issue. (Also, surprisingly the cheapest one out there...)

CPU overloads have cleared up a ton since disabling hyperthreading, to what I think is a reasonable amount, and meanwhile my sessions are much more responsive. As others have mentioned, I anticipate that will only improve with even more RAM. The main question left is where the clicking is coming from.

Here are a few seconds from a recent bounce that demonstrates what I am hearing. Does this sound like anything anyone has heard before?
Edit: Note that, in this session, I am using AFX onboard my Antelope interface as a hardware insert in Pro Tools, so the bounce path includes a round trip to/from my interface via Thunderbolt. I suspect the Thunderbolt connection is where the clicking is coming from, but not sure if it's PT or Mojave or interface that is at the root of Thunderbolt issue.

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