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Default Re: CLA MixDown - 2 bus comp flavors?

Originally Posted by StillHollow View Post
That actually looks like a nice little plugin Stephen, thanks for putting it on our radar.

I would be curious to see what kind of compression is under the hood in the GRP. If Tony used an 1176 or LA2A emulation then for the 2 Bus I still would not discount CLA Mix if he wants the included SSL and Red 3 bus comp flavors. Maybe he could use both and be all set for a while, GRP for group buses and CLA Mix for 2 Bus.
No problems. I'd be curious to know what is going on under the hood of the GRP too! Either way, there certainly seems to be a limiter at the end, probably one of the Waves products but it sounds much better than just slapping a limiter on the mix in my opinion. Probably some saturation/compression ,maybe multi band compression else EQ into limiting.

If you try it then here's my go to starting settings.

The original default has applied EQ which I rarely use. Not saying it isn't nice but I prefer it flat most of the time rather than hyped or to EQ upstream if required.

Check your input is below full scale by greying the plugin out (not bypassing) to start with.

Pretty much the main parameter I adjust is the "compress" knob. Depending on how loaded the plugin slots before are I usually end up about 50-70% but sometimes more or less. You can get pretty loud with this plugin if you need but generally sounds musical and pleasing to my ears.

Run the output knob at -0.3dB or the main out will go over -0.1 dB FS.

I've tried the CLA plugin a good number of times but I find the GRP always preferable. Same with the GW Mix plugin. The GW is good but hypes the boom and tizz too much. If only I could turn off all those lows and highs I would use it more. It is always overdoing it with the EQ at the higher settings on the process knob so I avoid it now.

Scheps Parallel Particles is worth a try on the mix buss. It certainly has more control. But these days I pretty much use Black Box, GRP and sometimes a bit of both in conjunction with a few others upstream like SSL comp, Kramer Tape, Massey TapeHead and occasionally LinMB or some others options.

I was glad to see Greg Wells using a similar ton of processing on his mix buss on The Greatest Showman project last year so I felt vindicated

Hope that helps.

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