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Default HD Core accel PCIe Compatability

Originally Posted by AlanDogg View Post
Sorry not a mac person . Yeah full HD license, It ran fine on windows 10 with card and converter but the system was unstable (most likely corrupt bios I'm thinking) Is the card compatible with the pc hardware? are there any known conflicts with the card in the past?

Many thanks :)

So here is the rub, the last Version of PT that will run the cards is PT10.3.10

According to this chart the last version of windows that will run PT10.3.10 is Win7

You wonít have stability with Win10 / PT10 b/c it was never qualified and meant to run on Win10

Your going to have a hard time getting Win7, I just sold a machine to a friend of mine and I have had a time getting a legit Win7 license >

This is why I suggested a Mac, itís easier to get an old copy b/c they donít work off a license per se.

I have run Mac and Win. For a newer system for less money I can make Win do amazing things

For an old system Mac Stability is king and you would benefit from it.

My $0.02
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