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Default Re: Session file backups

Originally Posted by skizzo View Post
any chance they went to a different folder location? I've never heard of this happening before so it's perplexing given your settings should create backups every one minute. does this only happen if you have all these crashes? as in if the session is working as normal, check your session back up folder and see if it is creating backups at the proper intervals then, BEFORE any crashes happen
No chance they're in different location. Although I set it to keep 20 recent backup files, I have all 795 in that folder. I change session name from time to time adding number at the end but still I have more than a hundred files under one name. As you can eventually see on the picture, there's 2 min gap between earlier backups which is against settings as well. I was aware of that behaviour and was accepting that as I explained it to myself 'it only makes backup copy if I make some changes and if I'm only listening for 3 min there is no need to build a new file' but this time was very different.
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