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Default Window content too small

When I open up Pro Tools First, everything is perfectly okay.

(As you can see, the toolbar is perfectly normal)

But then, as soon as I open up a project (either opening one or creating one), it gets all weird and small, like the resolution is cranked too high. The toolbar is also 'cut-in-half' and shorted a whole bunch, even after I go fullscreen.

I have a 3840x2160 monitor and it's scaled up to 225%, since I like the look that way.

It helps a tiny bit, if I crank the scale up to 350% (the biggest I can), but it's still pretty small, and the toolbar is still all messed up. It doesn't help if I change my resolution to 1920x1080 either.

I use Windows 10 and Pro Tools First 12.8
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