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Default HD Hardware & CoreAudio on Yosemite

Am I the only one waiting for a fix to the HD driver for Yosemite? No support for CoreAudio applications and Native Instruments software like Maschine won't even open with the broken driver installed. I feel like this is a glaring item on the list of bugs that shouldn't take this long to address. I've literally been waiting over half a year for a fix to this. I love Pro Tools. I'm a power user and I sell your stuff too... but AVID... why would you announce support for Yosemite when your professional HD Hardware does not even support CoreAudio? I feel like I should have stayed on Mavericks. What is the point of me paying $600 a year for Avid Support when you can't even fix a simple CoreAudio driver issue? How come $5000 worth of hardware doesn't work on the latest Mac operating system with any software but Pro Tools? This is crazy to me. I'm half tempted to dump the whole thing and switch to an Apollo and Logic over this. Is there even a fix coming?
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