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Default Re: Total PT System Usage: CPU Usage at 100% with Nothing Running

Originally Posted by TMNTfan View Post
Yes, but this is without a session even open.

These are the manufacturers. I could list all of the plugins, but that list would be huge. Has anyone tried the disable hyperthreading with good results?
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Two Big Ears
I just asked for third party plugins - you don't have to list every single plugin you have. First thing I would do is to move all plugins except for the Avid plugins to the unused plugins folder and see what that gets you. Then I'd uninstall the Two Big Ears plugins; actually you can do that by uninstalling the FB360 plugins using the uninstaller in your Programs folder. You really don't need those unless you're working in VR.

What iZotope and Sonivox plugins do you have installed?
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