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Default Desktop Advice to Run 002 LE Windows

Need an expert opinion from a computer Windows guru. Iím wanting to buy the following computer to run my Pro Tools LE 002 Windows board (not rack). Also, I have version 6.4 and know that I need 7.4 or higher to run Vista (32bit). Can I just go from 6.4 to 8.0 without having to install previous versions? Has anyone here used 64bit Vista and not had a problem? This Dell computer is on an awesome sale, that's why I want to ask y'alls opinion if PT will operate on it. Thanks for your help.

Dell - Studio XPS 435T

Intel Core i7 Quad Processor 920; 6GB DDR3-1066 RAM; 640GB 7,200RPM Hard Drive; DVDRW Drive; ATI Radeon HD 4670; 10/100/1000 Network; Windows Vista Home Premium (32bit)
8MB Level 2 Cache
Processor Speed: 2.66GHz
RAM Installed / Max supported: 6GB Tri Channel DDR3-1066 SDRAM
640GB 7,200RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4670
Video Card Memory: 512MB Video Memory
Sound Card: HD Audio Chipset
Sound Output Mode: 7.1 Channel Surround Sound
Network Features: 10/100/1000
Input Device: USB Multimedia keyboard, premium laser mouse.

Pro Tools will be the only program used on this computer. Nothing else.
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