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Default Re: Pro tools and network router conflict

Originally Posted by tbstudio View Post
I posted this in my profile

Mac Pro 3.2GHz Xeon W 32GB (2020)
OS version 2019.5
Interfaces (4)
3 HD I/O 1 analog, 2 digital
1 digidesign 192
2 cards: HDXCoreNS Pro Tools HDX Core

Pro Tools version Ultimate 2019.12
Eucon 20.1

External hard drive
GDriveG1-4TB 4TB USB3 Desktop HDD

S3 control surface connected to Ethernet port 1
PT Dock connected to Ethernet port B on S3
Netgear router connected wireless to control app and Mac Pro
Thanks - there's no such thing as TMI (too much information) that can be given when asking for help.

You might want to correct your OSX version - there's no such thing as 2019.5. You have some form of Catalina which would be 10.15.x Even at that Catalina is not fully supported on any Mac especially if you work with video.
See profile for system details
iMac dead & retired as of 11/4/17

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