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Default Pro tools and network router conflict

Iím running a new system Mac Pro, pro tools ultimate HDX, S3,dock, control app,
I am not connected to the internet. I use a router for the network connection to the control app
When starting up the system, I canít get Pro Tools to open if the router is connected.
So I get the S3 and dock running on Eucon, power up the HD I/O interfaces, and the open pro tools.
Once I have a session open I turn on the computer wireless and establish a connection with my iPad and Netgear router, open the control app, and check Eucon has the app in my surfaces.
Everything works just fine... for a while...

At some point if I try to add an insert for instance, pro tools will freeze(spinning color wheel)
I turn off the wireless to disconnect the router, and immediately pro tools works as normal.
It doesnít freeze every time I try to work with inserts, only sometimes.
When it freezes, I simply turn off the wireless, pro tools comes back to life, and I turn the wireless back on, and everything including the control app functions properly
This canít be the way this is supposed to work
Any help will be appreciated
I have emailed the avid help,center but have been getting no help
I also have to turn off the wireless connection to get pro tools to quit when Iím shutting down the system
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