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Default Re: Field recordings to audio post

my big stupid question of the day is, how do i get the field audio in the DAT-to-PT sessions to the camera guide tracks?
Does the TC of the picture edits match the DATs? And were the DATs imported into ProTools with that TC married to the audio? If so you should be able to conform from the EDL. I did a feature last year where production used time of day TC. This meant that when they gave me the DATs and EDL to conform I had to figure out how to record the TC into ProTools. My process was to slave PT to the TC DAT machine. This way when the TC jumped from two totally different TC location (this is what happens with Time of day TC) ProTools creates a new file for every jump. I then exported all these regions as files from ProTools and used TITAN to match the EDL to the files and voila you have your conformed PT session. Unfortunately it wasn't as simple as it sounds. At least as a first timer but this is one of the more complex workflows for sound and picture. Find out if they used Time-of-day TC if so be prepared for a few long nights.


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