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Default Pro Tools License Locked on start-up

I have Pro Tools 11 installed on Win7 64 on my desktop and my laptop. I've used both by just switching the ilok dongle from one to the other. I had it in my desktop when the primary disc started failing so I did some backing up and ordered a new hard drive and shut my desktop down. When I moved my ilok to my laptop and fired up Pro Tools I got a message that my licence was not valid. I checked the ilok licence manager and it said pro tools was locked and I couldn't use it on two computers. Since when? I fired up my desktop and the ilok manager says pro tools is locked here as well. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling ilok and I'm still locked out. I could't find anything out on the ilok site so I thought I'd check over here. Any ideas? Thanks for listening. Victor
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