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Default Re: Falcon 2 Issue with Sample Imports

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
That explains much - and thanks for the reply. Comes down to what your Motif XS is doing; I have said in the past that Yamaha does things in a weird way and this just proves it. While I have my original Motif 7 sorted my DTXM12 drum pad drives me batty with it's programming. Oh for the day when things were simpler like with my original DX7-IID

I hear you! Although, I have to say, I haven't had much cause to complain about how well my Motif XS has acted as a controller. One feature I really like is that I can use the knobs on the left side to assign to things in a VI (or plugin). So, if I'm programming a sound in something which has MIDI learn (and most do these days), I can assign up to 8 of the knobs to various functions, which can help the process a lot. I use that feature all the time.
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