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Default Falcon 2 Issue with Sample Imports

I've had an issue with importing multi-samples into Falcon (and now Falcon 2). The way it should work is you locate the samples you want with Falcon browser, and then select them and drag and drop into the Falcon sample editor window. With Windows, you hold ALT key and when you drag the samples over to the sample editor area, the Sample Drag/Drop Menu is supposed to pop up so you can select how you want Falcon to handle the samples. Well, I have yet to see that menu pop up no matter what I do. It doesn't matter if I drag 1 sample or a multi-sample. I select the samples from the Falcon browser, drag over to the sample editor window holding the ALT key...nothing. I can move the samples around the key map area, but if I'm trying to import a multi-sample that contains the key map designations (i.e. "samplename-C3.wav") for each sample, the samples remain in the same order the were in the browser list. The only way I can do a multi-sample is import 1 at a time, assign to the proper note in the editor, then I can select all, then fill out the rest of the key map to spread the samples out across the keyboard.

I reported it to UVI last night. I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone else is having the issue.

I'm using Win-10. Don't know if this is strictly a PC issue, or if some Mac users have the same problem.
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