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Default Re: HDX Track Count & Buffer Size

Originally Posted by rmccam View Post
Hi Everyone,

Awhile back I sold my HD systems and have been running an Apollo with HD software. I mostly mix so it's suited me fine but I'm usually having to run on high buffer sizes, which can be annoying when I need to track, so I'm thinking of getting an HDX system.

I was hoping for a clarification though: I can currently playback 256 voices and have 768 tracks in my session. Am I understanding it correctly that with an HDX system I will no longer be able to have sessions with more than 256 tracks in it - even if the tracks are inactive? (That would be incredibly annoying.)

Also, I often run a lot of VIs, which I know won't be affected by having the DSP in HDX but I can only assume that the system will run better when the computer is not having to worry about the regular PT tasks? I'm kind of just hoping that's a significant alleviation on the system so I can get the buffer size down.

Thanks in advance.

I dont think you can't have more tracks in HDX than HD regular, that does not make sense at all. I have HDX but i usually dont have more than 200 tracks in my sessions.

Here it says 768 tracks per HDX cards if i understand correctly:

For the VI's, never had any issues with those, but i'm not a composer so sometimes i can have 10 VI's in a session, and sometimes 0.

Hope this helps.
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