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Default Audio Cutting Out Playback And Recording

Hi, Recently upgraded from pt 11 to 12.5, now the audio is cutting out during playback and recording. Sometimes I get the Error Message: "Pro Tools ran out of CPU Power. Try de-activating or removing Native plug-ins. AAE-9173" when it actually stops everything. Removing "Native plug-ins" makes no difference. Never had this issue with pt 11. I noticed there are a lot of avid applications now running in the background with pt 12.5. I've done some of the "system optimization" steps except for "visual settings" because I believe a computer with 8gigs of memory that was doing just fine with the program before, and has very little else running on it, should be able to handle the same program when it uses the same memory as before: 1.5gigs or there abouts.
Is there a list of the "new" Avid programs I can safely turn off that may be eating more memory or interfering with pro tools operations? (ie I don't need to be online when I record/connected to cloud or my account when recording.)
I'm using Recabinet and EZD2. I know Recabinet is a bit of a cpu hog, but again, never had this issue before.
I've got all the other plugins for other tracks "bypassed". Pro Tools and Quicktime set to "High" priority in the Windows task manager. Background programs set to high priority as well. What am I missing?
Ideas?.. Thanks in advance.

Win 7 64bit PT 12.5 M-Audio M-Track Plus

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