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Default Re: Best System for PTLE for under $1000.00

First off, you cannot run Win2000 with Digi001, and for some reason WinME runs much better with the new AMD systems than Win98SE. Digi has confirmed this too as they see fewer problems with WinME on Digi001. This is all irrelevant since WinXP support is just around the corner.
The GA7DX has been a great board for many here. The only reason that I prefer the A7M266 is for the ease of rearranging the IRQ settings for tweaking. This becomes important when you start adding PC cards and controller cards. The A7V266E has been a great board for most. We just started to see some problems with hard drive issues in the last two weeks. Not sure if it is a batch related thing or what. I also don't like the way Asus A7V266E or Gigabyte GA7DXR set the defaults on the Promise onboard controller to share IRQ9 with the USB controller. I think that is a big mistake. Digi runs best on IRQ9 and should be have preference over the USB or Promise controller.
So far the KT266a chipsets have not outperformed the AMD761 chipsets like I expected as seen on reviews of these two chipsets.

I highly recommend the A7M266 with a separate Promise ATA100 TX2 controller card. I like those AMD761 chipsets and it has been a very popular board on other DAW systems like Nuendo and Cakewalk systems as well. Just a great workhorse that is easy to setup and runs incredibly solid.
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