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Default 003 issue with 48KHz, w10 and Sonarworks

Hi, I have an issue with my digidesign 003 interface and windows 10. For some reason, it cannot put out 48 KHz on my w10 desktop. If I open Pro Tools project on my computer, it says:

"The current playback engine does not support a sample rate of 48 KHz"

If I choose to use an other output device on my w10 (for example, my samsung screen with built in speakers) I can open a Pro Tools project in 48KHz with no problem for some reason.

The problem I have now is that I started using sonarworks to calibrate my monitors that I work on. The problem with that is that I must use sonarworks as an output on my W10 to work for that, but in that case I cannot work on 48KHz.
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