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Default Update DIGI002 Rack Drivers?

As you can see from my details, I have a pretty old PT system, but it works pretty good for what I do. The only issue I occasionally have is the "System Held off Interrupts for too Long - try increasing the hardware buffer size" error.

I never get the error at 512 samples. Occasionally at 256 samples and pretty frequently at 128 or 64 samples. I have 4 processors selected for RTAS processors and CPU usage limit of 99%. Over the years I have messed around with the number of processors and CPU usage limit, but without much effect.

I looked at my driver version for the DIGI002 rack in Control Panel/Sounds and Audio devices and it is version dated 10/31/2007. I noticed the most recent version available from Avid (for the 002) is version dated March 11, 2011. I don't know if this version is for Windows XP SP3 which I am running, or if the hardware buffer size error has anything to do with the 002 or it's drivers.

Any pros/cons of updating my DIGI002 drivers to the latest Avid offers?
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