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Default more \"access violation\" problems

i know this topic has been discussed ad nauseum, but i'm stumped.

ok, upon launching PT, i encounter a 'access violation occurred' message, and the program crashes. i notice that the splash screen gets stuck at 'intializing databases' when this happens. i've tried ALL of the general troubleshooting tips; trashing all database files/folders, reinstalling PT, updated PACE drivers, disabling RAID in my BIOS and device manager, etc.... well, the problem is if i disable RAID in the device manager, my SATA drive doesn't work/isn't recognized by WinXP (i'm using the sata drive for data/audio files... so i kinda need it). i never installed any raid drivers, other than the ones required when installed the OS - which are needed for WinXP to even 'see' the drive. to be clear, i'm not running any raid of any kind... the sata drive is setup as an individual volume.

as of right now, i do not have any plugins installed. other apps on the machine are photoshop, dreamweaver, quicktime, firefox, and thunderbird.

the odd thing is, is that PT was working fine for about 2 days, after a fresh install of WinXP. then, as luck would have it, i get this access crap. reinstalling PT seems to temperarily fix the problem, but after about 2 reboots, i get the same error message.

i emailed customer service, and they pretty much told me everything i already knew and had tried before, although they where pretty quick to respond.

if anyone has any clue as to what could be inducing this error, please let me know. if you need more info from me, let me know. thanks a bunch.

here's my comp specs:

PT 7.1LE cs6
WinXP Pro SP2
AMD64 X2 3800+
ASUS A8V mobo, VIA K8T800Pro chipset
1GB generic RAM
Maxtor 60GB PATA HDD (system)
WD800JD 80GB SATA HDD (audio)
Radeon 9200SE video card
MBox (original)
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