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Default me with my VIRUS INDIGO.

Help me someone!!!....I just love my virus Indigo......BUT....

..My patches are fckd up. One of the osc gets pitched like 4 oct down on all of my patches. I've tried to google the problem and at some link someone said that you could download the default library from ACCESS and get rid of the problem. But I can't seem to find it.

Tried everything like installing the version 7 and version 8 but after a short short time the patch library gets fckd up again.

....AND I've been here at DUC before, and then the 7.4 version worked for me for a while but now nothing seems to work.


I'm on HD2 accel, Mac Pro, 10.6.8, and PT9
Mac Pro Nehalem 2,66 with 12 GB ram, Pro Tools 8.1, HD2 Accel, 192 I/O with 2 882s, UAD 2 QUAD OMNI. OSX 10.6.4
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