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Default Re: Running LE and M-powered on same system

I'm confused (but I usually am when I read the DUC).

LE and M-Powered can live on the same system as long as they are the same version.

You already have LE 8.0.4? Why can't you install M-Powered 8.0.4? Is it because M-Powered isn't installed yet? You really shouldn't have to roll back anything, I think all you need to do is just install MP8 (whichever version you have), then upgrade it to 8.0.4.

I completely agree that the process necessary to do this should be MUCH easier. There really shouldn't be two/three versions of the software; it should be ONE unified Pro Tools. MP/LE/HD all in one, and depending on your license you get the features that you paid for.
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