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Default Re: New Mac HD Native

I can answer no. 3:

HD Native comes with HD 8.5, but anyone who buys this system qualifies for a free upgrade to PT HD 9. So, for all practical purposes, it comes with PT9 HD.

PT9 HD gives you all the functionality of HD, minus the hardware specific things like TDM processing, etc. But you do have a couple of extra things like input monitoring. You can also use the software with a 3rd party interface, or with no interface, just like PT9 standard. You will have the equivalent of PT9 "standard" and Complete Production Toolkit 2 when using it that way (which is basically the same as HD 9).

As for number 4:

This will be a little over 2 grand, but I would recommend the Waves Diamond Bundle. Gives you a variety of the basics, plus sound design/manipulation/effect type stuff, and high quality noise reduction stuff. Waves recently reduced their prices, so now's a great time.

Then I would also add the Lexicon LXP Native Reverb, which is on sale at for $399 right now. This is the traditional synthetic reverb.

You might alternately look at Altiverb, for convolution based reverb.
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