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Default Another optical expansion question question for boffins

I've got a 003 rack expanded via optical with a Mackie 800R - when I first open a session and start tracking/recording I can't hear any sound, although I can see visually sound is being registered and recorded.

If I keep recording I won't hear a thing, but, if I stop, play back a section, then record again, it's business as usual and the sound is back.

Is this something i'll have to grin and bare, or is there a setting i've not correctly applied?

Also, since hooking up my 800R and using it's clock as a master source, FYI the improvement in sound quality has been astonishing. Using my regular HR824s, stereo imaging exists like i've never heard it, low end detail is more precise, and a high end shimmer is appearing on things that i've never heard before! It's like listening to things for the first time... Bravo Mackie, very happy indeed
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