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Default Co-install Pro Tools 10.3.10 with Pro Tools 2019.5 on Windows 7

Install the latest version of iLok License Manager
Then, install Pro Tools 10.3.10

Next, install Pro Tools 12.8.3, then install Pro Tools 2018.3 on top of Pro Tools 12.8.3

Install First AIR Effects and First AIR Instruments
Optional installs: Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle, 3rd-Party Plug-Ins, etc.

Run Avid Link login to check for updates
Let Avid Link update Pro Tools 2018.3 to 2019.5, as well as any other necessary updates, like Avid Effects, Eleven MKII, Xpand II, Avid Graphic EQ, etc.

In Avid Link, make your Profile either Public or Private
Pro Tools 2019.6/10.3.10 and 12.5.1 HD - Studio One 4 Pro - Win7 64 Ultimate (SP1) Lenovo W520 ThinkPads & 433830U Docks Mbox 3 Pro - Axiom Pro 49 - AIR Mini 32
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