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Default Sample Rounding Issue!!!!

This sample rounding issue that PT has had forever (and NO OTHER DAW SUFFERS FROM) is 'the straw that broke the camel's back' in 2019.5 for me.

It makes working PT particularly with midi practically unworkable as I have to zoom in & check all clips plus midi notes at the start & end of clips EVERY TIME to arrange a song. This is RIDICULOUS and so time consuming especially when you have deadlines! Using 'ticks' instead of samples, using 'repeat' instead of 'duplicate' does not solve the problem nor does alt+drag manually.

It is random so you have to check everything & as far as I am aware it does not effect some tempos (which fall within some mathematical equation with samples) but that is not good enough as we should be able to work at whatever tempo we desire - other DAWs can do this without any why is PT the supposed 'industry standard' not able to?

I have Logic Pro X which is great for midi but I hate mixing in it & moving between DAWs is not practical for me. Doing production/songwriting in Logic then importing into PT for mixing is too long winded as I sometimes may change stuff at the mixing stage & have go back to Logic then go back again to PT.

Studio One 4 has been looking more & more tempting as Avid are unable to or uninterested in sorting out this overly long standing bug. My subscription runs out in October, If Avid do not sort out this bug in particular by then - its goodbye!!!

Even the shortcuts that randomly stop working every now & then I can deal with but this bug is a deal breaker for me.
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