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Default Re: Playback and Record Volume messages - read thi

WARNING to anyone thinking of buying a new Digi system with a new MAC - DON'T DO IT until the update for Tiger is out.

I have just bought OSX 10.3 to load onto my new Powerbook and it won't allow you to load an older operating system. I even reformatted the hard drive so there was nothing on it and the installation crashes before it gets close to loading.

I guess I have no choice but to turn down the work I have lined up whilst I sit back and sit my finger up my **** whilst I wait for the Tiger update to be released.

I know (well hope) that in 6 months I will have a working system but right now I am really angry with both Digidesign and Apple. I cannot get a new MAC from Apple with Panther and I cannot get working software from Digidesign so my advise is NOBODY buy anything from Digidesign until they release the update or you won't be able to use it!.

Right Rant over I m going to borrow a PC and use that instead! (at least it works of sorts!)
The solution is to boot your new mac from an external firewire drive, on which you can have panther OS installed.Then you can clone your external drive to the internal one. You can use Carbon copy cloner for that, and it works.

You can't blame digidesign for being late to have a tiger-compatible software, as they receive their new macs the same day as they become avaiable on the apple store, that is to say the same day as averyone can buy it. How do you want them to release a new pro tools software two days later ?
According to me , apple is to blame, since they prevent to install a compatible and working os on the news macs, and so it's a just a limitation in a marketing purpose.

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