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Default Re: Getting all confused...want to update PT9

Originally Posted by Patill View Post
sorry...running el capitan latest version on a mac pro 2008 and ssd

I bought the ProTools Update and Support plan, but I think I won’t renew the lease after one year. Which I should be fine with right?

What I am trying to accomplish is to get my Eventide Plugins running which are no more supported for ProTools 9. Apart from those plugins running I want to make sure that my existing plug ins are also running with no compatibility issues.
Your plugins aren't so much the issue as the OSX you're trying to run PT10 in. Simply put it won't properly run in El Crapitan. As a matter of fact it won't run properly in Yosemite. The last usable OSX for PT10 was Mavericks OSX 10.9.5.

You are NOT going to be fine. You're going to have to backdate your OSX to 10.9.5 if you want to run PT10. Period. What is it going to cost to update your Eventide plugins (if you can)? You never mentioned Eventide before but Battery 3. Hard to help you when you keep changing the story and giving incomplete information.

Basically you wasted money on the upgrade IF you purchased the $299 upgrade. You STILL haven't said what EXACT upgrade you purchased.
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