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Default Re: Getting all confused...want to update PT9

Originally Posted by Patill View Post
Well, I have the money to update pro tools but do I also have the money to buy upgrades like battery 4 and lots of other stuff? I mean this is how they make their money. Compatibility. And (my opinion) this is also how they make people like me feel scammed, at least a little. You spend a lot of money and suddenly it doesn‘t work anymore because of „compatibility issues“ even if it easily could.

I will update once again now and then never anymore. It’s not like much better music than nowdays has been made with much „cheaper“ equipment 50 years ago
There's no easy way to make old s/w compatible with new operating systems or the other way around. Developers can't keep supporting old stuff forever.
Originally Posted by Patill View Post
oh sorry...but thank you for your help :) somehow I cannot edit the post before
You still haven't answered questions I asked like which specific upgrade did you buy? What OSX are you running?

More specifically what exactly are you trying to accomplish? I know what you said in your first post here but you don't give any system details. If you could see your way to answering the questions here we may well be able to help you.
See profile for system details
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