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Default Re: Engine lost Network Switch - all of a sudden.

So - got an spare engine from my dealer - brought it with me to the gig.
Had soundcheck - with one issue - but no big problems.
After soundcheck i thougt - ok i will set up the spare engine with my show and settings - just in case.
So shut down my engine - pluged the screen in the spare engine - powered it on - made all the set up - shut it down - plugged the screen right back on my engine - powered it on - and there was it again - connection to engine i/o could not be made and the sageboxes were not connected.
Yeah - perfect - made the gig with the spare unit - without any problem.
German retailer S.E.A. did send me a new engine - mine is on its way to AVID.

As the spare unit was standing on my engine - it came to my eye that on my unit there was just 1 green light on inside the board that shines through the front plate - on the spare unit there were 2 on.
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