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Default Re: Is there a point to HD Native any more?

It does no DSP processing. Everything is done on the host computer. You would need Native card if you have some 192s or Avid interfaces you needed to plug in. I went from HD5 (TDM) to Native and was FLOORED at how much more freedom you are allotted. No more worrying about voice counts and such. I have a beefy enough machine to handle tracking for the most part unless sessions get into the hundreds of tracks.

I recently switched to HDX and it has not been pleasant. Too many bugs in the system for me at moment. Part of that is buggy PT software. 12.5 was mega stable for me in Native. Not so much in HDX land with 2018.x.

So for you, if you don't have Avid interfaces, HD Native Card I think is useless. There is something called Low Latency Monitoring. Which I've never used in nearly 20 years of using Pro Tools HD. YMMV.
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