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Default Re: Damn! Miss my mix 24!

Originally Posted by John_Toolbox View Post
I have ilok licenses for all of my old mix plugins, the only one I use floppy auth for is lexiverb, since they never made an ilok version of it. Haven't fired up the old mix rig in quite some time, starting to itch for some soundblender guitar effects!
Hehe I found our old floppy auth for lexiverb the other day cleaning out some drawers in one of our gear closets and I remember that it sounded awesome. We kept one MIX 24 rig with 3x8x8x8 interfaces and i believe we also have a 24 i/o interface aswell. All cards hosted in a chassie and ready to be fired up. Many kool plugins we don't have today and as John said above - Soundblender is a superb tool and will start that Mix system up on my old G4 just for the hell of it and of course that the old PT versions were rock solid and I remember when we produced and recorded Ace of Base on that MIX system and we didn't have a single crash or error even once. Sessions filled with plugins and all the features used that was possible

I have to agree with the OP that the MIX systems and the songs atleast the ones we did sounds great today compared to PT12HD. We did track thru our old Soundtracs Jade-S 48 channel console and last time i listened to the songs we got released and sold I ran them thru our SSL4056G+ and damn .... they sounded awesome. Fat Full Well Mixed and overall really warm analog.

I think in our case that they do sound like that is because we spent wayyy less time testing hundreds of Plugins and outboard gear and just recorded with the sweet levels of analog and got to the sound using very sparse plugin arsenal. The ones we did use back then we knew in our sleep and by not messing about with all the gear and software and just used the Jade console, a good mic (U87) and straight into the preamps of the console. I think we have used a Focusrite RED and our 2 LA2-A but that was it. Maybe 3 different plugins and all in all I want to remember that there were no more than 15 instances so today recording and mixing the same sessions with our gear of today I don't think we would be able to get there as clean and warm as we did back in the day!

Are we going backwards with all the choices of plugins and hardware as I honestly think many of todays pop songs on the radio sounds like utter crap. I know I am very picky when it comes to the end product but I am guilty of producing and selling less that great songs aswell so part of the problem for sure. In any case the music released in the ninties and a bit into the 2000's do sound way better and done with sooooo much less gear than we use today.
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