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Default PTHD 8.1 Unrelated audio in session & fades without sound

I won't waste anyone's time with anecdotes so I'll get down to brass tacks, state my issue, my system specs, and hopefully someone out there has seen this before.

Pro Tools HD 8.1 TDM, Accel 2
2x 96I/O
Mac Pro 1,1
2 x 2.66GHz dual-core intel xeon
3 GB 667MHz DDR2 Ram
OSx 10.6.8

Issues persist on the main system drive and a newly created boot drive. The alternative boot drive has a fresh install of 10.6.8 and pro tools 8.1. No third party plugins were installed on this drive.

The following issues are intermittent from session to session but seem to persist indefinitely once its manifested on a session.

First, after recording or importing audio, regions appear in the timeline as expected, waveforms reflect visually what was recorded, but when I got to play back the regions I either hear fullscale white noise or audio that is clearly from a track in another session. Channel meters in the mix and edit windows reflect what I hear.

Another engineer experiencing the same issue tried to create a new session and import the audio he had just recorded to bypass any session specific voodoo. Issue persists.

When taking these sessions to a pro tools 12 vanilla system, sessions plays fine. No issues.

What could be causing this?

In other news I just had a fresh issue start today where fades don't work. This issue persists when running off the main system drive and from the new boot drive.

I can see the fades in the edit window and there are no processes or fades waiting to be rendered. It its a fade in or out, I don't hear the fade, audio plays at the same volume from the start or to the end of the region. When theres a cross fade no audio plays from the region for the duration of the fade.

Any Thoughts?
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